Marika Barbie + Wonderbra

Dita Von Teese — the queen of underwear
The queen of shocking Dita Von Teese has pleased with the next advertising campaign of the well-known mark of female linen Wonderbra.

Glamour lady by WOW Barbie

Charming lady by WOW Barbie

Seductive madam by WOW Barbie

Idle conversation with Dita Von Teese

According to a 36-year-old star, the collection «Sparkle Teese» has been inspired by a glamour retro. Working over a new line, Dita carried out the old dream — to become the designer of sexual linen from world brand Wonderbra: «I always wished to create the line of linen, — speaks Dita, — I would like, that as a result of the work I have created that linen which to me would need to be put on. And, it seems to me, all has turned out!».

Glamour underwear

Sexual actress by WOW Barbie

Charming beauty by WOW Barbie

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