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De Beers — the Diamond Jeweler

The Jewelry adv Slogan from De Beers

South-African diamond company «De Beers» has proved, that it's possible to sell luxury jewelry to women through their men. Advertising has made of Men the Kings-Conquerors who give diamonds to the Queens. «De Beers» observes this legend already almost 60 years.

The motto of De Beers advertising campaign — «A Diamond is forever» has been recognized as the best advertising slogan of century (by AdAge version).

A Diamond is For Ever!

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It's possible to tell, what exactly thanks to this brand all world began to buy brilliants, and stones became sense, rather than simply beautiful diamond. De Beers have thought up absolutely new concept of advertising through emotions.

In all history of advertising diamond campaigns, «the Brilliant is for ever» it's possible to name as the most successful and ingenious adv slogan.

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In 1948 of Harry Oppenheimer (the Boss) has gone to New York to meet representatives of adv agency N. W. Ayers.

Harry has gone there with strong intention to change representation of people about diamonds: it's necessary to make so that this stone has ceased to be a knickknack for rich women.

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The Most Beautiful Jewelry Trailer

The most beautiful De Beers trailer was presented in September of last year. The advertising masterpiece causes brain to think only of love and beauty.

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