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X-ray's Calendar

Sexy calendar by WOW Barbie

Frank X-ray

German adv agency «Butter» has created a witty calendar for the supplier of medical equipment «Eizo». The calendar represents a set of X-ray prints of the females in seductive poses. Thereby, the Butter has transferred specificity of Eizo activity and simultaneously with it has introduced the ironical curtsy to popular pinup-calendars with the bared females.

X-ray Luminescence

X-ray by WOW Barbie
X-ray picture by WOW Barbie
Seductive pose by WOW Barbie

X-ray imaging, roentgenography, projection radiography, X-ray filming, plain film radiography, X-ray study — research of internal structure of objects which are projected by means of X-rays on a special screen or a special X-ray-photo. Most often the term concerns the medical noninvasive research based on reception of the projective image of anatomic structures of an organism by means of passage through them of X-rays and registration of degree of easing of X-ray luminescence.

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