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Comedian Kate McKinnon Brings Ford into Focus in New Web Series Directed by Caviar’s Matt & Oz

Jean-Paul Michelle Baguette’s fashions are no match for the stylish new 2015 Ford Focus as comedian Kate McKinnon proves in five hilarious new web video ads called “The More Experiments” created by Team Detroit.

Matt & Oz of Caviar LA shot the offbeat web series. The directing duo frequently helm segments for Saturday Night Live, making them the perfect fit for the collaboration with SNL cast member McKinnon, an improv pro who came up with a lot of the material on the fly.
Each clip opens with an introduction from McKinnon playing Dr. Genevieve St. Jermaine, a socially inept anthropologist who sets out to investigate the new 2015 Focus and its features by visiting a Ford dealership undercover in different disguises.

Ford salesman Dan plays the straight man to McKinnon’s troop of zany personas, which include a high fashion model, a ballerina, a hedge fund manager, a glam rocker, and a Lara Croft-type archaeologist, as each character explores the various features of the Focus to see if it suits their specific interests.

Together McKinnon’s alter egos deliver the laughs while driving home the message that the new 2015 Focus has great style, technology and performance.

Creative Credits:
Agency: Team Detroit
Chief Creative Officer: Toby Barlow
Executive Creative Director: Matt Soldan
Group Creative Director: Doug Patterson
ACD, Copywriter: Greg Mills
ACD, Art Director: John Stoll
Senior Producer: Michael Olk

Production Company: Caviar Content
Director: Matt & Oz
Executive Producer: Michael Sagol
Executive Producer: Jasper Thomlinson
Executive Producer: Darren Foldes
Head of Production: Kelly Bowen
Line Producer: Christina Donahue
DP: Anthony Wohlberg
Production Designer: Kristen Vallow

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