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Comedian Lace Larrabee Shows Us How She Deals With Boob Sweat In This Funny Commercial For GoodWipes

Corner Up Creative enlisted the services of comedian/actress Lace Larrabee for this comical product video for Goodwipes, yes they are so much than just an adult-sized baby wipe.

Sam and Charlie connected about their wipes-obsession at a Florida State fraternity in 2007. They were fed up with the mass-market drab, goo-goo-gaga baby-butt-wipe product offerings. Today, with their innovation and design-driven products, Sam and Charlie intend to make Good Wipes the “go-to” wet wipes brand. via YouTube:

Creative Credits:
Agency / Production Company: Corner Up Creative, Atlanta, U.S.A.
Written by: Dan Fontaine
Directed by: Dan Fontaine