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Just The Right Amount of Wolf by johnnie-O with Arielle Vandenberg

“The Right Amount of Wolf” by johnnie-O is a campaign to help solve a social dilemma faced by men everywhere…how much chest (what we call “wolf”) should you show to make THAT first impression? With the Tweener Button® by johnnie-O, you’ll achieve the right amount of wolf every time. The Tweener Button is John O’Donnell’s revolutionary product design: a small button, hidden between the 2nd and 3rd buttons on a men’s button-down shirt.

The ad features social media influencer Arielle Vandenberg and a original song by musician Drew Cole.

Creative Credits:
Advertising Agency: Ignited, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Springer
Art Director: Amy Matheu
Copywriters: Joseph Katool, Brian Hallisey
Agency Producer: Eric Edmonds
Account Director: Christel Roldan
Production Company: Rodeo Show
Director: Michael Koerbel
Producer: Raphael Leopold
Line Producer: Chris Ruiz
DP: Joshua Hess
Sound Design/Sound Mixing: Endless Noise
Music/original song: Drew Cole