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New Ad: "The Return" for PlayStation Star Wars Battlefront via BBH New York

Epic new TV commercial for PlayStation’s Star Wars Battlefront campaign, coming out of BBH New York. Supporting EA’s highly anticipated PS4 title and limited edition Star WarsTM bundles set to launch November 17th, the Force is strong with PlayStation.

The spot speaks to nostalgia, friendship and the gift of imagination through collaborative play. It features a grown man in the confines of his office, gazing nostalgically at a R2-D2 figurine from his childhood, reflecting on fond memories with his best friend sharing adventures through their love of Star WarsTM. These joyful moments include Lightsaber battles, Halloween as Darth Vader and Yoda, and racing their Star Wars-themed custom bikes. Just as these seem like distant memories of freedom and fantasy, an incredible moment manifests as the building starts to shake and his friend hovers outside his office window in a X-wing fighter, beckoning him to join. Awakening his sense of imagination, the man becomes a hero, inspired to play once again, as he takes a giant leap onto his awaiting ship to join the rebellion squadron into an epic snow-covered Hoth battle scene. Together with his friend, he steps into the role he was destined to play, to live actively and adventure through Star Wars Battlefront.

This spot not only celebrates the cultural significance and impact of Star WarsTM, but the act of coming together for extraordinary experiences through PS4 console group game play. The campaign will include one :30 and one :60 for TV and online.

Creative Credits

Client: PlayStation, SVP Marketing, Guy Longworth

BBH Creative Chairman: John Patroulis
BBH Chief Creative Officer: Ari Weiss
BBH Creatives: Lucas Bongioanni / Marcos Kotlhar / Philip Sicklinger / Alex Booker
BBH Chief Strategy Officer: Sarah Watson
BBH Strategy Director: Kendra Salvatore
BBH Business Director: Finnian O’Neill
BBH Account Director: Justin Marciani
BBH Account Executives: Eric Schwerdtfeger / Johnny Skwirut

BBH Head of Content Production: Kate Morrison
BBH Senior Content Producer: Abbie Noon
BBH Head of Business Affairs: Sean McGee

Director: Lance Acord
Executive Producers: Jackie Kelman Bisbee, Mary Ann Marino
Line Producer/EPs: Caroline Kousidonis, Justin Pollock
Director of Photography: Lance Acord
Head of Production: Anne Bobroff
Production Designer: Richard Bridgland
Production Service: Stillking Prague

Production Supervisor: Lars Flegel

Editing House: Exile
Executive Producer: Carol Lynn Weaver
Producer: Toby Louie
Editor: Kirk Baxter
Editor Assistant: Grant Hall

Sound Design: Brian Emerich
Sound Design: Sonic Union
Mix Engineer: Steve Rosen

VFX House: The Mill
Executive Producer: Verity Grantham
Senior Producer: Jeremy Moore
Producer - Michael Scarcella
Production Coordinator - Casey Sincic
Shoot Supervision: Christian Neilsen / Nathan Kane
2D Lead Artist - Kyle Cody
3D Lead Artists - Ruben Vandebroek / Joji Tsuruga
Colorist: Ferg McCall

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