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Red Hat Constructs A People-Powered Billboard

Red Hat brought together over 100 people to create a people-powered billboard, a really large scale example of collaboration. They wanted to show that when people work towards a common goal, something pretty cool can happen.

Sixty-three volunteers, from Red Hat plus a few friends, sat on a tiered 14’ x 50’ billboard, 17 feet off the ground in a 3 x 21 grid, and flipped placards to demonstrate Red Hat’s belief in “The Mastery of the Many.”

Creative Credits:
Ad Agency: Baldwin&
Production: Myriad Media
Country: United States of America
Director: Ryan Shelley
Project Manager: Tonya Martin
Creative Director: David Baldwin
Creative Director: Bob Ranew
Art Director: Jimmie Blount
Copywriter: Keith Greenstein
Producer: Shawn Lamons


Red Hat Constructs A People-Powered Billboard {Outdoor Billboard Ads}