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Royal British Legion, The story behind the poppy: behind the scenes

New breaking ad campaign from RKCR Y&R London for the 2015 Poppy Appeal. The 2015 Poppy Appeal campaign recreates portraits of First World War soldiers to remind the nation that both veterans of the past, and those of today, need to be remembered.

To create the work, modern servicemen were photographed by Tom Reeves in the world’s oldest running photography studio. The images were captured using the exact same camera, technique, and hand-painted background as Tom’s grandfather, Benjamin Reeves, used to photograph First World War soldiers in 1915.

The photographic series will also be exhibited at the British National Media Museum.

The video takes us behind the scenes of The Royal British Legion’s 2015 Poppy Appeal campaign to rediscover the story of the poppy and how it is a symbol of both Remembrance and hope.

It is a symbol of Remembrance as it is worn to remind people of the cost of conflict and those who are fallen. But it is also a symbol of hope for those who need support.

When you wear your Royal British Legion poppy it helps to support thousands of modern veterans, Service men, women and their families, just like Alan, Corie and Linda.

Creative Credits:
Advertised brand: The Royal British Legion
Advert title(s): The Story Behind the Poppy
Advertising Agency: RKCR Y&R London
Agency website:!/work
Creative Director: Psembi Kinstan
Art Director: Alex Bamford
Copywriter: Psembi Kinstan
Photographer: Tom Reeves
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Royal British Legion, The story behind the poppy: behind the scenes {PSA}