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"Excuses vs Reasons" Ad Campaign Making Coloradans Think Twice Before They Park

"Excuses vs. Reasons" - The Colorado Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities and Amélie Company Make Coloradans Think Twice Before They Park

Through research, Amélie discovered that most able-bodied people don't think access to parking for people with disabilities is a problem. This campaign seeks to make you think differently.

The campaign cast real people with real disabilities through the Phamaly Theatre Company in each spot, and had them deliver real excuses people use to deny the disabled community their civil right to equal access. In the end, it demonstrates that your excuses will never be as good as their reasons.

Creative Director: Pat Feehery
Associate Creative Director: Eric Hines
Art Director: Chelsea Anderson
Copywriter: Olivia Abtahi
Director: Pat Feehery and Olivia Abtahi
Director of Photography: Dan Knudson
Executive Producer: Rachel Farah
Senior Producer: Brian Lynn
Account Coordinator/Script Supervisor: Kate Hinson
Account Supervisor: Mackie Clonts
Production Company: One Floor Up, Denver, CO
PR + Social Account Executive: Jamie Alvarez
PR + Social Account Coordinator: Holly Franklin