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Worth Another Look: Bernstein Diet "Been There, Done That" via Giants & Gentlemen

In a diet world saturated with empty promises; pills that don’t slim you down, nasty green shakes that look like they’d do more damage than good, it was a time for a brand to step up and end the never-ending cycle of diet fads. We wanted to break through with the message that Dr. Bernstein is the medically supervised diet that works.

The ad, created by Giants & Gentlemen features the song "I Still Want You" by Dennis Winslow, Robert J Walsh & Walsh & Ronn L Chick.

Creative Credits:
Agency: Giants & Gentlemen
Director: Drew Lightfoot
Creative Director: Alanna Nathanson
Creative Director: Natalie Armata
Art Director: JP Spanbauer
Copywriter: Brandon Tralman-Baker
Agency Producer: rosanna tanti