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830 Sign AW10 Collection

Silently Saying Something

830Sign presents a concise variety of innovative silhouettes that have been engineered through quintessential and veritable tailoring artistry.
Showcasing versatility, 830Sign introduces a Fall/Winter 2016 Collection with an embedded structure that is undeniable. With that, they summon a refined and comfortable tableau of vintage inspired and understated togs.

The inspiration for the collection came from a thoughtful walk in through the city of Verona, Italy.

Inspiration, it is in the very fog that covers the city and countryside that embrace you when you wake up in the morning. It is in the moon over Verona that is the guiding light for Romeo and Juliet’s epic love. It is in the winter blue nights, the white snow, the river mud and a brisk walk in the Roman sites, where history comes alive in the old buildings that line the streets.

With that ensues the offering of a refined palette full of colors reminiscent of the natural elements and mood of Verona, each piece gives rich tones of grey, mud, brown, blue with some flashes of dark red and forest green life.

Using superior cashmere and Japanese denim as a keystone for the brand, every piece is carefully created by hand. It is the defining characters that are so subtly embedded in the pieces that make the brand every bit custom.

Fans of the 830Sign brand are Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene. See a few more images of the collection.

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