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Alison Muskat Launces New Men’s Shoe Collectin: Rockadelic!

Growing up in a family immersed in the shoe business, Alison Muskat’s world is rooted in the rich history and knowledge that is required to launch a new innovative brand that is just right for today’s contemporary market. The Rockadelic brand stems from this mastered craftsmanship and, partnered with Muskat’s leadership, this edgy men’s line is destined for success.

Rockadelic will easily fill a prominent void in the marketplace, hitting just the right spot with fashion-forward styling and a high level of quality and detailing that is unprecedented at an affordable price-point ranging from $90- $180. While we’re seeing a lot of reinterpreted styling among men’s shoes in the market these days, the core values and vision of this brand is articulated in the unique design and unrivaled execution of the product. The product is crafted from carefully selected leathers and materials with hand-worked finishes and offers men in the 22-40 age range the option to either dress up relaxed denim options or dress down more conventional styles.

“I’ve been playing around with developing different concepts and categories of men’s footwear for the last two years, sometimes with a certain brand in mind, while other times it might be a particular guy I’m thinking of. I began asking myself ‘Where’s the shoe for that guy whose been wearing sneakers for as long as he can remember?’ ‘How does the go-to denim guy dress up his jeans or dress down a suit?’ My customer does not have to wear an out-dated boring shoe that his father has been sporting. ‘Where’s his option now that he is grown up and sometimes has to dress up?’ Ultimately, once that wheel began turning, I realized there was a huge gap in the market for my designs to thrive within,” Muskat explains.

Laid-back designs, rebellious re-creations and rock n’roll attitude make up the DNA of the collection. Unexpected embellishments, including zipper details, make the shoes easy to slip on and off while adding a familiar, hip style element- even on the strappiest of boots or intricately laced high tops. Each shoe has a full-foam memory sock with Muskat favoring premium soft fabric or leather linings, dependent upon style and ease, whilst simultaneously providing fresh and edgy footwear.

Rockadelic styling mixes various elements in each distinct shoe. Muskat is heavily influenced by athletic product and has sampled many of the trends seen in athletic urban-chic styles including heavy goring, to create dress shoes with hints of athletic footwear trends. As designer and creative director for the brand, she takes classic, traditional shoes and reinvents them by using pristine finishes, exciting ornaments and material experimentation and twists them in a way that is reminiscent of styles of the past while presenting fresh new creations.

See the collection.

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