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Asher Levine & the Natural World

Asher Levine is heavily influenced by the natural world, and often pulls inspiration from organic, biological and scientific sources.

An inherent terrestrial presence can be seen in his work, and his pieces reflect his trademark reorganization and abstraction of shape and form.

Asher’s unique design aesthetic seeks to evaluate and challenge the industry's standardized corporal limitations on the human figure.

His Spring/Summer 2016 Collection not only advances sexual boundaries but structural ones, as well. The clothes harness energy from their organic origins; they are active.
Instead of passively resting on the shoulders of the wearer, each piece becomes an extension of the wearer’s body—establishing a hybrid physiology.

Fins project from his heels and shoulders. Dangling tentacles droop from his midriff. His elongated tail flows freely in the wind. A symbiotic relationship develops between the man and his attire. The aesthetic fluidity of the collection serves to deconstruct gender binaries.
Unlike the fitted suits and tailored button-downs that reinforce rigid perceptions of menswear, Asher Levine celebrates our genre’s potential to attain artistic significance in the face of utilitarian demands and ideological constraints. It promotes a new breed of masculinity that is self-defined rather than prescribed.

In addition to his collection, Asher Levine can be seen on performance artists such as Lady Gaga, Sam Sparro, Dangerous Muse, and Johnny Weir. Have a look here at the whole collection.

Photos & text Copyright Asher Levine.

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