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China, Menswear & the Industrial Revolution by Chi Zhang

It is always thrilling to receive the look books of Chinese designer Chi Zhang, who, at a young age, exhibits astonishing talent.

I just received the images of Chi Zhang’s 2016 spring/summer collection, in which I could not help but notice a metallic, machinery, and machine-worker feel.

So, as usual, I decided to hear from the designer himself and what inspired him. Chi Zhang immediately replied:

“The theme and concept of this collection is industrial revolution, I have discovered the beauty of rust unintentionally. In terms for the textile, I’ve gone heavy with leather and a hint of silk to decorate.”

The Industrial Revolution encompassed two centuries—the 18th and 19th—wherein technology significantly impacted society, culture, economics, and the environment.

Departing from the United Kingdom, the Industrial Revolution soon spread to Europe, the US and Canada, and soon the entire globe.

Personally I witnessed a type of industrial revolution ignite within China when I first arrived in 1986. Yet, what took the West two centuries to achieve seems to have taken China only two decades—probably much of Chi Zhang’s life!

Well, here is a menswear collection inspired by the Industrial Revolution through the eyes of a Chinese designer!

Have a walk back in history through the entire look book.

Photos Copyright Chi Zhang.

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