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When I hear the word delicatessen, I think of delectable treats that tickle my taste buds! Well, here is another Delikatessen that tickles my fashion buds!

Creative director at Delikatessen, Andrzej Lisowski, comes from a long line of designers, as he was raised in the atelier of his grandmother, who was a blouse designer in the “holy” Polish city of Czestochowa.

Delikatessen is all about emotions and people and the courage that is required for “special” people to accomplish “special” things.

Garments are designed with passion as Andrzej draws inspiration from his heritage.

Deep in reflection about society and its impact on the individual, Andrzej creates designs that are subtle, subjective, and personal.

In the same way an individual relates to a painting, so Andrzej explores the relationship between the consumer and a shirt.

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