Marika Barbie + [Reggio Emilia]

Emilia Romagna

After a long hour drive this morning from the hills of Perugia, the director of Varna International and I arrived to the flat region of Emilia Romagna, which has been classified as one of the richest regions of Europe.

While the region may not be well known, the region’s capital city, Bologna, may sound more familiar.

Emilia Romagna is the Italian region that gave birth to one world’s greatest tenors—Pavarotti, who was born in Modena.

My trip took me to the neighboring town of Reggio Emilia. Strangely, Reggio Emilia is the birthplace of a pre-school educational theory called “Reggio Emilia,” which advocates a self-guided curriculum.

For my purposes, however the city is home to an amazing students’ choir that will accompany our tours in Northern Italy next year.

After we met with the director, I walked around the city and took some pictures for you as a light snow fell to the streets. Brrr…it was cold!

Have a look here at the city.

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Emilia Romagna {Reggio Emilia}