Marika Barbie + Yui Hashimoto

Ethosens “Cover of Life”

What wraps you?

The 2016-11 autumn/winter collection was created from the images of receiving a life by the mother’s body and the birth into the world. It is the space wrapped with ultimate safety. Humans are mysterious, sensitive, and irreplaceable.

For the season, we took the meaning that wearing clothes is not only for the body but also for the spirit and created the collection under the theme of “Cover of Life—What wraps you?”

People are vulnerable and live by wrapping with something. It may be Love, Emptiness, or a Fence.

About Ethosens
“Ethos” has the meaning of ‘habit’”, while “sens” has the meaning of sense.

Ethosens was born by fusing these two words.

We think that there is a new discovery by paying more attention to all sense to be born from habit.

We aim at the innovative expression that can become the standard in the future, and we want to pursue the essential creation that can bring new a sense of values in the world.

Ethosens is the creation of Yui Hashimoto, who graduated from Esmod Tokyo in 2000. Afterwards he worked as an assistant in YAB-YUM and LOLO of the fashion brand.

Ethosens was launched in 2007 and presents its collection twice yearly in Tokyo.

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