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Fulcrum by Domingo Rodriguez

Fulcrum: Something that supports something else, revolving about it or depending on it.

AW10/11 runs on the basis of the spine, the scaffolding lines of the human figure that everything else is built upon. Pieces echo the body creating skeletal forms created through engineered pattern cutting.

The design is streamlined to give a soft, sleek, refined finish for a collection that draws on situational elegance, consisting of pieces that have no base in any fixed history, yet are resonant of many.

A softly tailored; layered silhouette is a reflection of the fibre content and colour. The culmination of these factors creates a sense of nonchalant luxury with soft lustrous fabrics and textures, cashmere, layered sleek jersey and sheers, softly blistered leather and suede.

Colours run from nude, flesh and bone through to neutral hues of dust, ash and mink.

Italian manufacturing is now secured for a launch at MC2 Showroom in Paris during menswear fashion week from January 20th 2016.

Domingo graduated from Liverpool John Moore’s University in 2008 and won the Menswear Award at Graduate Fashion Week 08. He then went on to secure the Harold Tillman Scholarship at London College of Fashion to complete his masters on the MA Menswear Fashion Design Technology course. He has interned for Kim Jones and Carolyn Massey and is a Fashion contributor for BBC Blast.

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Photos & text Copyright Domingo Rodriguez.


Fulcrum by Domingo Rodriguez {Men's Fashion}