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Gloverall—Icons of British Excellence

Recognized worldwide as the foremost Original Duffle Coat, Gloverall has gained Iconic status as a design classic. Playing a part in fashion and culture through the last 60 years Gloverall draws on its Military and Industrial Heritage to be one of the most respected and loved British Brands.

A balance of tradition and modernity reflects through our coats with manufacturing in England and our newly introduced collection Made in London England.

In the 50's Gloverall created what is known as today’s Duffle Coat, with a check back double faced fabric, horn toggles and leather fastenings. Many companies try to emulate and copy but there is only one and that is the Original Gloverall Duffle Coat.


The word Duffle originally referred to a Heavy Woollen Cloth closely woven for warmth and manufactured in the Belgian Town of Duffel. However over the years it has come to signify a hooded coat with distinctive toggle fastenings which was adopted by the British Navy and used by officers and men of the watch to protect against the biting Atlantic and North Sea winds. The toggles could be unfastened whilst wearing thick gloves and hoods were carefully designed to fit over peaked Naval caps.

Photographs of servicemen during the 1914-18 war show a duffle type coat. Between the end of World War I and the start of World War II the coat was modified into the traditional Naval Duffle.

Gloverall still maintains this Naval link through the Iconic ‘Monty’ and its application to the service highlighted by its namesake Field Viscount Montgomery and is worn by Jack Hawkins in the film ‘The Cruel Sea’. The design of the latter is a replica of the original retaining its characteristic rope and wood toggling, webbing stays and two piece hood.

In 1951 Harold & Freda Morris who specialized in selling cotton, leather, Gloves and Overalls were approached the by the Ministry of Defense to help dispose of their surplus supplies of World War II duffle coats. Mr Harold Morris then conceived the name Gloverall.

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