Marika Barbie + Thomas Keller

Human Scale by Tiedeken

The new collection Human Scale from Tiedeken was inspired by statements of economist Fritz Schumacher.

He claimed a comeback to human scale, a come back to small clear units which could often solve large, unmanageable problems a lot better than complex and complicated constructs.

Schumacher’s ideas, which he compiled in his book ‘Small is beautiful’ in the mid 70s, are not only inspiration for the Berliner designers’ current collection. They even influence their working methodology, life philosophy and general mindset. Just like in their first collection, where the tetrahedron was their icon and leitmotiv,

Human Scale is built on elaborate cuts and patterns, reaching a great effect with little input.

By the way, the shape of the tetrahedron appears again in the new collection.

See the entire 2016 spring/summer look book.

Photos & text, Copyright Tiedeken, Courtesy Temporary Showroom.

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