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Jacek Kłosiński Speaks about Hyakinth

After posting the most recent article on Polish menswear label, Hyakinth, I decided to write to the designer, Jacek Kłosiński, and ask him a few questions.

“As you know,” he informed me, “I graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in this year.” So, a big congratulations to you!

What about the name?

The name Hyakinth comes from my own name. Jacek in original Greek sounds like Hyakinthos, and this the name belonged to the lover of Apollo.

Tell me about your impressions of this collection…

When I started making this collection, I found that I was able to express ideas, stories , and moods more effectively through clothing than I had ever managed to through art.

He then went on to say:

“The challenge of having to overcome the restriction of menswear has motivated me to be a menswear designer. In contrast to women swear, menswear is very much rooted in tradition: that which is appropriate for a man to wear is clearly defined.

My work is very much based on the tension created in the process of testing these limits. A good example is the jacket, a classic men’s garment but executed in my own designed digital printed textile.

You can find the abstract interpretations of the cosmic space, the Irish Cliffs of Moher and the glacier. Those pictures give the worrying profundity to the textile.

I discovered the beauty of faulty and damaged things when people tend to look the other way. This environment’s imperfection inspires me to make hand-dyed garment.

I’ve v generally used natural fabrics like cotton, satin-cotton, and batiste-cotton. I’ve washed them with chemicals to achieve damage effects. I have also hand-dyed some of the garments (mainly viscose jerseys).

As I said earlier, the textile for jackets was digital printed with my own designs. I have focused on the details inside—contrast yokes or diagonal striped collar stands, color piping, etc. I have also designed my own button with logotype (smile).

I’ve shown my ss11 collection at Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland. The pictures were taken by K.Czarnecka.”

See the catwalk.

Photos Copyright Hyakinth.

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