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Jakarta Fashion Week 2016: Day One

The largest fashion event in the Southeast Asian region, the Jakarta Fashion Week 2016/11 (JFW), will be opened in November 6th and will end on November 12th 2016 at the luxurious Pacific Place shopping mall. More than 150 designers, 33 brands will participate in the event.

The vibrancy of Indonesia’s fashion industry mirrors the country’s cultural diversity, open society as well as its booming domestic economy. Indonesia is the world’s largest Moslem country, the third largest democracy and one of the three rapidly growing Asian economies after China and India.

The Jakarta Fashion Week is organized by the Femina Group, one of Indonesia’s leading media companies. This is the third time the JFW is being held.

About Day One: Daniel Mananta

On day one, menswear was presented by Daniel Mananta during the Grazia Glitz & Glam Celebrity Meets Fashion show.

Of Chinese and Indonesian descent, Daniel Mananta is an Indonesian actor and TV host, who hosts Indonesian idol.
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