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Men’s Color Fall/Winter 2016-12 by Design Options

Color Trend Report Young Men's, Contemporary: Fall/ Winter 2016-12 young men's color trends are on display with themes ranging from:

City Slicker, audaciously urban; Midnight Cowboy, modish and modern buckaroo; American Attitude, a true patriot with stylish disposition; to Rock N' Soul which is mod to new wave retro at core.

Presented on WeConnectFashion [formerly Infomat], courtesy of Design Options, the color forecasting company who brings Southern California's unique aesthetic to the world.

American Attitude

American Attitude… A true patriot with stylish disposition. Deep mauve and plum shades of ultranationalist and factional call attention to bold edges while simultaneously accentuating fine style lines. Silver and grey tones of opinionated and affection add a touch of pretense on a canvas of ribbed knit.

City Slicker

City Slicker… Bright lights and city nights. Slate grey and olive shades of audaciously urban and metropolitan give full rein to timeless elements. Deep mustard and chocolate brown tones create a distinctively modern atmosphere while adding slick texture to satin finishes.

Midnight Cowboy

Slate blue and green-yellow shades of buckaroo and horseman display stoutness on tailored oxford and woven fabrications. Modesh and modern exhibitions of roping, riding and bull-dogging…Midnight Cowboy.

Rock n’ Soul

Rock N’ Soul… Influenced by a soul full of retro. Orange and yellow shades of new wave and mod culture reveal pure authenticity on a backdrop of brocade. Silver and cyan blue hues of rockin’ revival and harmonious resurgence combine brilliantly with unparalleled technique.

Design Options, has a golbal client base, filling the color needs of large retailers to small indie design firms.

Photos & text Copyright Design Options, Courtesy WeConnectFashion [formerly Infomat], Used with permission.

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