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Military Heritage with Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe’s winter collection for men plays with a king of contemporarily updated uniform mood, with military echoes and tailoring that looks back to the 1940’s and forward to the future.

Military heritage set in a modern everyday urban context: the result is multifunctional jackets and mixed fabric patterned shirts; pants—whether cargo or formal—are in woven cotton, while knitwear uses predominantly chunky melange yarns; the colours are earthy, with nuances of beige and green, underlining a mood that’s both rural and urban;

The classic repertoire reworks 1940s models and atmospheres, developing a profile that is disciplined, elegant and finely tailored.

An abundance of overcoats, single- or double-breasted, in plain or patterned cloth; jackets and pants in graphic wool melange can be matched to combine different patterns; the recurrent colours are grey and navy blue, with deft touches of white;

And to round off the collection, monochrome uniforms usher in a dynamic dark look; the military inspiration persists but with more ascetic overtones hinting at a post-modern feel; it’s the colour that sets the tone, for the most part sheer black or ultra-deep nuances; nylon coats, pants and jackets in stitched jersey fabric or shiny wool, monochrome shirts with pleated details… all adding up to a brazenly assertive high-impact look.

About Patrizia Pepe

The Patrizia Pepe brand was founded in Florence in 1993.

The protagonists are a couple of entrepreneurs: Patrizia Bambi, the creative and stylistic spirit and Claudio Orrea, head of management and administration.

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Military Heritage with Patrizia Pepe {Patrizia Pepe}