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Obscur: “A dark opulent society...’’

“...where you own what you wear.’’

The Obscur A/W10 collection is another morbid encounter between energy, abstraction and our souls.

The materials meet and observe your body, to become one. The raw outer dead shells of the pieces consist of cotton, wool, cashmere and thick raw leather, which keep the living from disintegrating momentarily.

The Obscur naturally coloured fibres keep your energy from draining by avoiding yourself to be exposed to the world. All the leathers are being washed from their dyes and chemical processing, in order to get closer to a state of solemn austerity & sterile manifestation. The AW10 line includes loose collar and sleeve ends, which can be taken off, or on, to create a unique silhouette and provide desirable shelter to your skin. The signature raw edges are often incorporated in the designs, to allow for a smoother transition of layering when combining different garments.Facets of the inspiration for this collection were drawn upon the work of Austrian artist Gunter Brüs. This man is a true lover of the obscure, dark and the profusely morbid.

Obscur AW10: ‘’a dense feeling web of exterior layers which imbed the bearer as a protected capsule in our society’’.

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Photos & text Copyright Obscur, Courtesy Marlo Saalmink.

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