Marika Barbie + Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe Spring/Summer 2016 Sneak Peek

Work wear influences, dusty rarified moods, handmade finishes and washed looks… ingredients of the collection’s two themes INDIGO SOUL and DESERT NOMAD.

Introducing an exclusive and sophisticated casual look with sharp but mellow outlines: trench coats – whether long or short – are simply tailored in the cause of greater wearability…jackets are unstructured or garment-washed, and go with soft-waisted pants… great attention is paid to inner linings, which evoke a hand-crafted mood… shirts with special details and lots of different fabric mixes… and finally air dried denim and chinos in all sorts of finishes that emphasize their artisan origins….

The color palette follows the characteristic tones of the two main themes: shades of BLUE and NATURALS intertwine and blend pleasingly, often set off by SELVAGE RED.

The choice of fabrics favors diagonal reinforcements in spring and summer weights, double-sided elements, patterned cotton jackets and trousers, poplin shirts in classic designs or faded-looking prints, and Pima cotton jersey and piquet. Washes and finishing processes carried out on the finished garment further enrich its look and texture.

Weaving yarns yield either fine cloths or heavier outerwear consistencies. Cottons and linens, purl stitching, multicolor braiding with manual touches, woven details and garment dyeing, all contribute to each item’s complexity and usage originality.

The accessories, in leather or fabric, take on a transversal role, ready to match with or set off any stylistic mood while simultaneously highlighting it.

A glance towards the past, in search of the joys of genuineness.

Photo & text Patrizia Pepe.

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