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Rendez-Vous: Paris’ Finest Contemporary Menswear Fair

Rendez-Vous aka RDV Homme was conceived created and curated back in January 2005, it was the first trade-show to be considered ‘contemporary’ and revered by buyers across the globe cementing a reputation in the industry as a show for the new, the fresh and the avant-garde. The RDV team was synonymous with ‘meticulous brand sourcing’ and thus manifested a reputation as the mavericks of trade-shows.

The show became more than just a concept when the team behind the multi disciplinary Parisian label Surface to Air decided it was ‘time for some action’. Around the time of RDV ‘Numero Uno’ Surface to Air were busy becoming groundbreakers–curating and opening the original concept (pop up) stores, they were the cities hottest promoters running a record label, shooting award winning films, breaking boundaries with their art direction across a multitude of media platforms, managing a buying consultancy ... it was renaissance time in Paris and Surface to Air were the propagators of the future.... However they were still mainly recognized for throwing one helluva mighty fine party.

Since the early wild shows, where a bottle of whisky was as likely to be found on a stand as an order pad!! Rendez-Vous has established itself as one of the key events in the tradeshow calendar for the discerning and creative buyer. Notorious for unearthing hidden ‘gems’ from global clothing ‘mines’, supporting new brands and designers, RDV even gave a break to some ailing giants, now considered ‘heritage’...

The show takes pride in their confidence as a preference to continue to offer buyers a broad cross section of the men’s contemporary world, from catwalk designers, fashion inspired collections and solid individualistic brands a plenty.
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Photos & text Courtesy Sane Communications.

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