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Saint Augustine Academy e-store

Sydney-based label Saint Augustine Academy, have launched their long-awaited online store.

The 7-year-old label wanted to implement a platform where their dedicated and devoted customer base could purchase their entire collection in a simple and easy transaction.

The online store was developed in conjunction with Adam Muniz and Ivan Prasad, Directors of Australian high-end online menswear retailer, For-Tomorrow.

Muniz and Prasad developed their own unique technology when creating For-Tomorrow; the system has been re-engineered closely in conjunction with Saint Augustine Academy and offers a specifically customised, up to the minute and detailed experience.

It’s not just Australian fans of Saint Augustine Academy that can reap the benefits—there is also a separate site dedicated to the Northern Hemisphere, with a different selection of product, and shipping available to the USA, Europe and Japan.

The label is excited to be able to service customers in Europe who, as of yet, have not had the outlet to purchase the collections. Citing that their service is responsive 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and an offering of purchases in various currencies, will also benefit customers outside of Australia.

Muniz says “I look forward to working with the Saint Augustine Academy team on the label’s first online store. After stocking the label on For-Tomorrow for the past 2 years, I know first-hand the far-reaching appeal the brand has, both locally and worldwide. Also, this intrinsic knowledge plays a big role in accurately portraying the garments online.

These new shopping sites will give the brand’s fast-growing female customer base a chance to purchase their designs as well, which we look forward to developing in the coming seasons”

This new online venture is another big step forward for Saint Augustine Academy; the label continues to enjoy success with their stand-alone Surry Hills boutique, and have recently confirmed a number of new international stockists via their New York-based sales agency Parlor Showroom.

See the collection.

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