Marika Barbie + [Vincenzo Scognamiglio]

Sisley Autumn/Winter 2016

Arctic Heritage

An enjoyable vintage feel in an up-to-date modern context. The unspoilt atmospheres of Canadian territories come to life again in Sisley’s men’s styles for the outdoor theme.
Check cotton flannel, washed faux sheepskin, distressed denim and wools with a hand-knitted look join forces with new-generation details and fabrics. The casual style–under the motto”relaxed elegance” – springs to new life with the help of yarn-dyed cottons and pigment-dyed corduroys for authentic worker-style trousers.
Volumes are clingy as if to emphasize the idea of the protection they give against the rigors of winter. The colors are a range of basics - like red, blue, green, brown and yellow – filtered through the half-light of the woods.

Nocturnal Butterfly

The night and nocturnal men. This is the theme running through Sisley’s styles for him.
Contrasts of glossy and matt, black and white, roomy and tight are often seen in colors, fabrics and fit Corduroy, moleskin, satin and cotton create such a eclectic range of clothes as to go from the jacket to the waistcoat, both with a close fit, to T-shirts with “rocker” graphics – not forgetting embroidered shirts and deeply-distressed jeans.
The main color is black in the company of other nocturnal shades like cobalt blue or asphalt grey. Flashes of red and white brighten the look like neon signs through the dark.


Sisley gives a new look to the fit and matching schemes of classic styles, creating a fresh, contemporary elegance.
Fabrics range from the smart look of woven wool with a knitted effect to the luxury wool yarns of the dinner suits and on to sophisticated cotton weaves used for shirts.
Knitwear introduces complementary elements, such as the waistcoat, for a look that is carefully studied yet carefree and youthful.
Black dominates the scene, though “assisted” by dark shades like smoky grey, purple, midnight blue and mixtures of green and blue, like “blue coral.”
The silhouette is close-fitted and streamlined, apart from the heavy overcoat that envelops everything in soft volumes.

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Photo & text Copyright Sisley.


Sisley Autumn/Winter 2016 {Vincenzo Scognamiglio}