Marika Barbie + Vincent Quevedo

Sisley Spring/Summer 2016

Gate 27

Travel, as an out-of-the-ordinary experience, leads us to choose clothes with multipurpose shapes, materials and colors. Everything we consider”classic” acquires an exceptional value, i.e. capable of hiding both technical and practical qualities. An excellent compromise to pack in a bag.

Rock’n Rolla Road

Rock caused a music revolution that also shook up the Fifties’ lifestyle and, consequently, fashion. This atmosphere permeates a collection which brings together a number of key elements in dusty colors, especially the red jacket that is a clear tribute to the James Dean of Rebel Without a Cause. T-shirts with a photo of this Hollywood legend further characterize the mood.

Re-act, Re-generate, Re-educate

An essential concept in this story is a form of modern nomadism with respect for nature and an awareness of the value of things. Colors head in several chromatic directions, with green creating a link between safari jackets, Bermuda shorts and T-shirts.

Space Oddity

David Bowie, the Thin White Duke, undoubtedly inspired this theme, which is almost a quick guide for the third millennium dandy. Hints of color, like fuchsia and pale blue, accompany white and dusty blues. Formalwear is ready to cross new style horizons, finally entering a new dimension.

Habana Blues

Indigo evokes the color of the deep sea, introducing a summer mood in which worn jeans and brightly-printed shirts are the key articles. Linen and cotton are the essential fabrics for a story encompassing enormous contrasts. Just like Cuba. See the collection.

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