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Sjaak Hullekes: Digging Deeper

In his collections, Sjaak Hullekes plays with the fragility of the male, his behaviors, and modern times.

“How to escape from daily cares and create your own, romanticized, life.”

“What is it that makes a man feel good about what he is wearing?”

For Sjaak Hullekes, it means focusing on what is important, what is efficient well made and what—at the same time—has a refined sense of style.

he label brings you, every season, wearable clothing to be worn by a contemporary man, a modern dandy...

See the 2016 autumn/winter collection.

Photo & text Copyright Sjaak Hullekes, Courtesy Pressing Online.


Sjaak Hullekes: Digging Deeper {Sjaak Hullekes}