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S.N.S. Herning—the Collection: TAG 1011

The collection of knits from S.N.S. Herning for the season AW10 is called TAG 1011.

The main idea for the collection is to explore a bit the practice surrounding the tagging of clothing—in our case: knits.

Normally, the nametag is sought for with some interest—since this is what tells you directly what “brand” made the garment.

We prefer to think about S.N.S. Herning as a trademark rather than a brand—and when we place a nametag in the neck of a knit, it is only there to tell you that the garment was knitted in Herning, Denmark.

(So you could say that tour real trademark is to strive to keep alive a locally based tradition for making knitwear.)

Our signed hangtags testify to the meeting of the artisan and machinery in the manufacturing of every knit.

No knit from us will ever be radically new, since we always limit ourselves to using the building blocks from within our own history. The genesis lies in the recombining of letter to new words.

Simple and understated functional aesthetic ensures the longevity of every garment. Like always, it is just more of the same: Trademark, artisan, genesis.

TAG1011: See the collection.

S.N.S. Herning—Knitted in Denmark since 1931.

Photos & text Copyright S.N.S. Herning.


S.N.S. Herning—the Collection: TAG 1011 {S.N.S. Herning}