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Svensson’s 1st Shoe

In the beginning of the 1900s shoes where manufactured in the small village of Montegranaro as an extra income to agriculture.

After the Second World War the town was the most famous in Italy for its shoes. The culminating point was when brands like Gucci and Prada moved in.

2010 the town's history is linked with Malmö and SVENSSON when our first shoes are being manufactured.

The shoe is a replica of a classic Italian welted sport shoe, a 70s sailor's shoe sole combined with a high tennis shoe from the same period.

SVENSSON began taking form during the late 90´s in Möllevången, Malmö, Sweden. It started with basement clubs and concerts but soon developed to other fields of media, communication and visual arts.

SVENSSON MAGAZINE was founded 2002 and edited from a two room apartment.

SVENSSON SHOP opened in 2005 becoming a combination of creative studio, boutique and gallery. The same year the first pair of SVENSSON JEANS originated.

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