Marika Barbie + [Thomas Keller]

Tetrahedron by Tiedeken

Tiedeken—the new Berli- based fashion label presents its first collection called TETRAHEDRON.

Tetrahedron, a volume made of four equilateral triangles, is the most stable unit one can imagine—at the same time it is simple as well as functional, minimal as well as aesthetic.

It is more than a geometric figure for designers, Regina Tiedeken and Tom Keller, who run the label Tiedeken since the beginning of the year.

It is an ideal, a symbol for what Richard Buckminster Fuller stated in the sentence “Doing the most with the least.”

The tetrahedron, the fashion designers’ symbolized leitmotiv, therefore turns into the main theme of their first winter collection 2016/11 named Tetrahedron.

The geometrical figure shapes patterns, which have partly been developed out of triangles. It also functions as a graphic element, e.g. a multi colored rapport made of the flat projection of the tetrahedron.

Regina Tiedeken was part of the label “vonwedel & tiedeken,” whose CI und grafik design was significantly shaped by Tom Keller. The former Westwood assistant and the product designer now also offer male fashion as part of their collection.

Tiedeken is not only a fashion label though. They also aim to position themselves in their previous design fields graphic, multimedia and costume design.

See the entire look book.

Photos & text, Copyright Tiedeken, Courtesy Temporary Showroom.


Tetrahedron by Tiedeken {Thomas Keller}