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Thematic Hotels of Perugia: Jazz, Wine & Chocolate

If you are planning to join a Music of Fashion tour in Italy with Men’s Fashion by Mark and Varna International, I would like to present to you the choice hotel and venue for the inaugural Fashion Jazz tour.

In 1992, the Guarducci family of Perugia inaugurated their first hotel with the theme of wine, dedicating the d├ęcor and name of each room to a wine variety.

In 1998, the family opened the doors to a second hotel: the Etruscan Chocohotel, which, as you can see by the name, is dedicated to the savory theme of chocolate. Some furniture in the rooms like lamp shades is even eatable!

Timely and appropriate, the opening of the Chocohotel has enhanced the city of Perugia, which is home to the Eurochocolate Festival.

Finally in 2007, the Guarducci family opened the doors to a third hotel, which is devoted to the theme of jazz—another appropriate theme, which accompanies the city’s Umbria Jazz Festival.

In the jazz hotel you can find pianos dating back to 1740, LP records, listening areas, saxophone lamps, and other jazz-related amenities.

With a 700-seat auditorium, the hotel is the perfect venue for the Fashion Jazz event, to which Men’s Fashion by Mark would like to extend a warm welcome!

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