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Towers & Torture: San Gimignano

One of my favorite places in Italy is San Gimignano—a Medieval Tuscan city with 14 preponderant towers that was settled by the Etruscans in the 3rd century BC.

This morning, I made the drive with the director of Varna International to plan a side excursion for the musicians that will join the music festival tour this summer.

The name of the hill-top city is derived from Saint Germinianus, who defended the city against the Huns in the 10th century.

San Gimignano rises high above the Tuscan countryside with its preponderant towers, which, at one time, number 72 in all.

Within the city walls, there are several museums of torture, which drive home the point of human brutality.

San Gimignano—a wealth of history for the interested traveller. Enjoy the shots.

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