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VIER5 Knows what You Did Last Summer!

VIER5 (fashion department) is the fashion line of the Paris-based design studio VIER5. The fashion label was created in 2007.

The aim of both this collection and future collections is to make effectively a departure from the notion of a “Brand” or “Label” and to design and develop clothing that looks and feels as if it had been designed by a friend or found somewhere. Design pieces that feel as if they have always been around.

The focus of the current collection is a contemporary view on fashion design and the way to dress today. The theme is:"I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER!"

The importance of this collection is to leave the "traditional way" of an anonymous production for an individual production, which includes unique elements in every piece.

For this collection, we worked with four small manufacturers to realize our ideas; each of them has their own special imprint, which is visible in the collection.

Every piece is unique, hand-made, and includes the idea of a "long living partnership". There is a special collaboration with French designer Michael Maiman for two types of shirts.

Check out the collection.

Photos & text Copyright Vier5, Courtesy Système D.

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