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18 Waits—So Enjoy It When It Arrives

At the Capsule Show in New York, which I attended two weeks ago, I was pleased to preview the 2016 spring/summer collection of 18 Waits and meet William McCullough—friend and business partner of the founder and chief designer, Daniel Torjman.

I read online that Daniel is a huge fan of Seventies rock and roll, in particular Tom Waits—this could explain the “Waits” part of the label.

As for the number 18, well, it represents a good number—a lucky one of sorts. Moreover, one often “waits” until the age of 18 for many things in life.

Anyway, I am sure that 18 Waits does not want you to wait to start enjoying life—hence, the reason for the brand: a sense of joie de vivre, or ‘joy of living’.

I like how 18 Waits describes itself: “It is a lifestyle which adheres just as much to Parisian cafés as it does to old English pubs, 1920s New York speakeasies, wood cabins by the lake, old upright pianos, poetry, literature, and 1970s rock and roll music.”

For autumn/winter 2016, 18 Waits has expanded the knit collection to transition more smoothly to tailored shirts.

The label will also bring back 4 favorite tees from the past, just in new colors.

Tailored shirts include long- and short-sleeves, while 2 styles of hats in 3 colors top off the collection.

Maybe you have seen the tagline before, but it is worth repeating: “Live Free. Travel Well. Enjoy Life. 18 Waits.”

Photo & slideshow Copyright 18 Waits.


18 Waits—So Enjoy It When It Arrives {Men's Fashion}