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A Childhood Visit to Carlsro with Camilla Norrback

The spring /summer 2016 collection of Camilla Norrback is inspired by the Finnish designer’s childhood memories of summer visits to the Carlsro in Kristinestad of Ostrobothnia, Finland.

This three-storey summer home was built in 1896 by the ship owner Carlström in the New Renaissance architectural style. Carlsro happens to mean ‘Carl’s rest’.

In the collection, Camilla revisits the architecture, lush gardens, and mysterious nature of this historic site.

“I imagine the people who lived there at the turn of the century; their beautiful summer lives and all the drama that took place in and around the house. Both the happy, joyful and the mysterious, dark feelings are integrated in the collection,” explains Camilla.

Visit the memories.

Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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