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Cheap Monday 2016 Autumn/Winter collection

Cheap Monday is a Swedish label that was established in 2000 by Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg as a secondhand clothing store in Stockholm.

The original store was only opened on Sunday; hence the name, Cheap Monday.

Cheap Monday clothes can be recognized by the logo of a skull and an inverted crucifix, which was designed by Björn Atldax and Karl Grandin of the design group Vår, alluding to the many wars that were ignited by religion. Since January 2016, however, a vertical line has replaced the crucifix.

Cheap Monday was purchased in 2008 by Swedish company, H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB, which operates as H&M.

In the words of Cheap Monday, the autumn/winter 2016 collection “gives an apocalyptic impression but with a sense of hope for the future; holes are mended and scarring is used as decoration.

Razorblade slashes are repaired on both denim and jersey; patches are used together with spray paint and coatings in rough detailing. A rawness and nomadicity referring to futurism and punk suggests a DIY aesthetic.”

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Photo a/w 2016 collection Copyright Cheap Monday.

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