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David Andersen at Copenhage Fashion Week

Every February and August, Copenhagen hosts Northern Europe's largest fashion event, Copenhagen Fashion Week, which presents the best of Danish fashion, such as David Andersen, and celebrated designers from around the world.

David Andersen soared to immediate fame after debuting his eponymous collection in 2007.

David is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art where he was awarded the “Best Costume Designer” in 2004.

His passions span a wide range of interests, such as architecture, music, and museums from which he draws his inspiration, pushing fashion boundaries to the limit!

On the catwalk at the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week, David Andersen proved to the ladies that torn stockings can be sexy—on guys!

David Andersen also knighted the collection with a touch of androgyny as he turned tees and cut-off shirts into coats of mail.

So, ladies, instead of trying to mend your favorite pair of stockings with nail polish, just give them away in spring/summer 2016 to a fashionable friends.

Or better yet, guys, get them straight from David Andersen!

See the collection.

Photos Courtesy & Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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