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Echoes of a Worker—from ECCO

The trends for autumn/winter 2016 have begun to take shape. “But which one for me?”

Are you going for the brilliance of shine and a slim silhouette, or are you assisting the revival of the drop crotch pants?

In Denmark, we are hearing the sounds of the worker’s uniform—with ECCO.

First in line for a vintage flair is the Stripe boots, which offer a sporty sneaker feel but rugged enough to pair up with your favorite denim overalls. The distressed leather finish pays wonderful tribute to the simplicity of good ole’ fashion labor.

Next to punch in the clock is Terrano, the basic blue collar classic that looks and feels like an urban sneaker. Perfect for the hard-working man, this industrial look will match the most distressed denims in your closet.

Then to clock in is Radiale, a casual sneaker that pays respect to the hardest of worker but inspired by the world motor sports!

Ah! For the night shift we have Urban Light, another urban sneaker but with an edge of rebellion—perfect for dirty, damaged denims. This shoe’s comfort can help you own the streets with confidence and style!

Into any new business the fall? Then try Chicago for a tempered but asymmetrical oxford look that can help you juggle every business affair.

Not classy enough? Get a promotion with the sophistication of Windsor, which can meet the demands of any busy schedule.

Finally, for the professional man that works long hours and hectic schedules there is Trentino. The elongated toe and clean lines add the elegance of luxury to the new business style.

Have a look here at the shoes.

Photos Copyright Ecco.


Echoes of a Worker—from ECCO {trends styles}