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Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair: the Brand & the Designers

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair finds inspiration in conserving tradition as well as breaking those same norms.

The label is inspired by an old shoemakers shop in London that has gone from generation to generation passing on knowledge in craftsmanship and traditions of this old profession.

Since classic tailoring, pattern making and authentic knowledge always stays a priority and a necessity in the collections this label was named Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair in 2004.

Our creative focus will always lie in draping technique where the silhouette progresses through sculpting. In contrast, these advanced shapes are combined with classic wear such as the old man’s chino or the classic white shirt. Attention to detail and love of fabrics is something we honour and for which we stay ready to walk an extra mile in order to achieve.

Exploring femininity and masculinity is a constantly recurring issue and will always be addressed in our collections. The colour range has a solid base of black, white with all shades of grey in between. For every season new colours are chosen, mainly in faded shades.

SHOEREPAIR BY THE NO is a collection with the ambition to lead way for the traditional retail collection. Experimental and exaggerated with a dramatic silhouette made by hand in our atelier and only made on order. Evolving constantly upon impulse.

Fifth avenue shoe repair was founded 2004 by Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter, and started as a very delicate experiment in knitwear and jersey showing only ladies styles. It has now evolved into a full ladies and men’s brand.

Fifth Avenue is proudly presented in stores such as Selfridges in London, Barney’s in USA, Galleries la Fayette in Berlin, IT in Hong Kong, Daily Projects in South Korea, Supermarket in Amsterdam, Opening Ceremony in NY and LA and many more.

Astrid Olsson has a background of patternmaking and sewing and a traditional tailor’s exam before taking her fashion design exam at Textile School of Fashion in BorĂ¥s, Sweden.

Lee Cotter is self-taught in terms of design and has his training through working as a buyer and freelance designer for different men’s brands.

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Photo, text & slideshow 2016 a/w collection, Copyright Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.

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