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Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair: the Collection—Autumn/Winter 2016

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Autumn 10 collection balances on the verge between two cultures; the British and the Japanese. It travels in time holding the heritage of traditional utility and sportswear together with a futuristic, technical feel.

Picture a young Japanese guy interpreting the stereotype look of a traditional British male, or how a young British woman would appear dressing up in a Japanese manner, and the core of the collection is presented.

The cultural backgrounds colours the way garments are worn, changing their visual shape and silhouette.

Big checks, argyle patterns and pin stripes mixed with faded greens, blues and reds forms the colour palette with a solid foundation of black and white as our everlasting base.

The men’s collection is properly dressed with sporty, technical elements. Inspired by the British gentleman you find pieces such as the red suited college jacket with striped lining.

The sporty elements are found in the doubled coat in two different fabrics with detachable collar and hat. Other key items are the checked bomber jacket, the loosely fitted sweaters in argyle patterns and the bowler hat in a modern translation.

See the collection.

Photo, text & slideshow 2016 a/w collection, Copyright Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.

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