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Men’s Euro Retail Report August 2016 Mpdclick

Retail Report Men's European Stores Apparel Accessories: From Barcelona, Berlin, Melbourne, Milan, & London, the key trend for menswear emerging in stores this past month, August 2016, covers a multitude of sub trends, which come together to form a smart, nautical-inspired theme with streetwear and military touches. Presented on Infomat, courtesy of

Patch Mosaics:

Far left: Long sleeve shirt; fitted; patchwork print; patterned textures; vintage. Second left: Vibrant jacket; large patch pocket; tartan print; blue/red/yellow. Centre: Zip jacket; mosaic patches; vibrant panels; contrasting colours; purple/yellow/red. Second right: Cropped trousers; pants; patchwork print; directional lines; casual wear; grey tones. Far right: Mosaic print cardigan; knitwear; natural tones; green/mint/blue.


Far left: Camouflage print; military inspired; laptop bag; black piping; brand/logo feature. Second left: Cropped trousers; khaki; drawstring leg; casual wear; orange belt. Centre: Skinny cotton scarf; gathered; khaki; accessories. Second right: Skinny leg; cargo trousers; dark khaki; side pockets; camouflage print scarf. Far right: Cream sweatshirt; khaki graphics; typography; smudged; khaki scarf; tassels; directional lines.

Sun Bleached Denim:

Far left: Denim jeans; blue stonewash; faded leg; worn; rolled up. Second left: Denim jeans; blue stonewash; faded leg; stitch panelling; worn. Centre: Denim jeans; grey wash; faded leg; straight leg. Second right: Denim jeans; skinny leg; sun bleach denim; haphazard; style. Far right: Denim shirt; long sleeves; creased effect; sun bleach denim; tie dye effect; worn.

High Tops:

Far left: High tops; baseball trainers; sneakers; green denim; metallic trim; green laces. Second left: High tops; chunky; velcro strap; pin hole texture; grey/white/red; visible blue stitching. Centre: High tops; chunky; vibrant; metallic; blue/orange/pink; black laces. Second right: White/cream; high tops; pin hole texture; navy trim; white laces. Far right: High tops; baseball trainers; sneakers; assorted; white/lime/black; red/white stripe.

Nautical Treasures:

Far left: Boat boot; deck boot; black leather; white stitching; leather laces; white soles. Second left: T-shirt; brenton stripes; loose fit shirt; grey; patch pockets; cross hatch texture. Centre: Smart shirt; denim blue; faint pinstripe; navy silk trim; white panel insert. Second right: Polo t-shirt; knitwear; navy blue; white directional lines; ribbed trim. Far right: Cropped trousers; pants; light wash denim; light weight.


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