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Odeur Spring/Summer 2016 “Where the Shimmer Lies”

We are the new rich.

The Odeur spring/summer 2016 collection is inspired by Nouveau Riche attributes. Being named “Where the Shimmer Lies,” the collection seeks to investigate the indulgent use of fashion often expressed by the ones struggling to show the world their newly achieved wealth.

Using a mix of bright summer colors in contrast to a more dark scale, this collection is made rich and easy by its mix of materials as well as by details of metallic copper – the new gold.

A playful relationship to the silhouette, a focus on details and unexpected cuttings characterizes the unisex collection as always.

About Odeur

Odeur was founded in Stockholm in 2006 as a brand experiment, using a specific white, light and clean scent instead of a visual logotype to label the graphic and dramatic, yet playful garments.

The first collection included a few t-shirt styles that where distributed amongst a few initial clients in Sweden and Japan.

Today Odeur is designed by Petter Hollström and Gorjan Lauseger and has spread to 16 countries, selling jeans, outerwear, accessories and high fashion clothing.

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Photos Copyright Odeur.
Photography by Fredrik Wannerstedt
Styling by Gorjan Lauseger
Hair & Makeup by Sandra Öjeland
Models: Frans H & Malin M at Mikas

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