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The Eternal Values of Filippa K

After completing her education in London, Swedish designer Filippa Knutsson returned to Stockholm in the 1980’s to work for Gul& BlĂ„, where she spent 6 years, first, as buyer and, then, as product manager.

Together with Patrik Kihlborg, she established Filippa K in 1993, running the operation out of their home.

The Filippa K Man collection was launched 5 years later. The line is fashionable, sophisticated, and targeted for the modern-day urban male.

Based in Stockholm today, Filippa K is sold in 20 countries with 750 retails around the world.

Filippa affirms that she stands by what she does and she bases her label on the concepts of style, simplicity, and quality.

The style is edgy; the simplicity is timeless; the quality reaches every detail.

The Filippa K collection for 2016 autumn/winter sets a tone that is somber yet emotionally reflective, resigned to pensive thought. Have a complete look at the collection.

Read the press release and watch the film by following this link.
Photo Copyright Filippa K.

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