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The Men behind Frost Birgens: 2016 Spring/Summer Collection

Although Jakob Birgens launched his label Frost Birgens in 2007, he began his design carrier in a workshop, in the Latin district of Aarhus as he created clothes for friends and other customers who found him.

Two years later, Jakob was joined by two savvy businessmen as co-owners: Simon Hepworth and Christian Kjaer.

Injected with renewed vision, Jakob continued to draw inspiration from his surroundings and assorted artists, such as Leonard Cohen, Rei Kawakubo, Peter Linkbergh, Hemingway, and Bob Dylan.

He has developed the knack of creating an elegant garment of knitwear based on another garment like a blazer with elbow patches.

Additional signature items include tees, jackets, pants with belt function, and large chest pockets on shirts.

Frost Birgerns—relaxed functionality for the urban male.

Click here to view the entire 2016 spring/summer collection.

Photos Copyright Frost Birgens.

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