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The Music & Fashion Project by Kilian Kerner

When one mentions the German designer Kilian Kerner, there is so much to say!

Before entering the fashion business, Kilian studied drama in Cologne, which graphically graces each of his productions.

Yet when it comes down to styling, Kilian designs in such a way that the wearer is anything but acting!

Drawing inspiration from the emotional realm, Kilian’s signature consists of sleek androgyny as he allows contrasting opposites to define his look.

Attracted to the past, especially the era of Dandyism, Kilian has refused to allow time to dictate his menswear collections.

He established his eponymous label in 2004, having gained the reputation for mixing music and fashion.

His first fashion-music mix took place in 2005 with Berlin band “Bad Habbits,” followed by a performance with “Splinter X.”

Popularity led Kilian to establish a project entitled “Fashion and Music,” whereby a song is written for a specific collection.

For spring/summer 2016, longstanding friend and singer Ben Ivory wrote Flieg zum Mond und bleib hier (‘Fly to the Moon’), which was recently performed at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin.

Check out the entire collection here or watch the video.

Photos Copyright Dan & Corina Lecca at Berlin Fashion Week.

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